Blackcurrant Lozenges


March 2020


Agriculture, Manufacturing, Retail


TranzAlpine Honey New Blackcurrant Lozenge Product Launch & Marketing Materials

  • Packaging design
  • Social posts
  • Website pages and responsive banners, images and graphics
  • Responsive website sliders
  • eCommerce shop product and information pages, responsive banners, images and graphics

The brief for this project was to incorporate a slight twist to the existing TranzAlpine Honey lozenge packaging design by adding new blackcurrant imagery and colours. This was further enhanced with a suite of related marketing materials for the new organic blackcurrant throat lozenges that were launched by TranzAlpine Honey in November 2020.

TranzAlpine Honey teamed up with Organic NZ Blackcurrant grower Viberi to create a powerful immune-boosting throat lozenge that was packed with antioxidants and antimicrobials.

It is the potent deep purple colour that is brimming with anthocyanins – the antioxidant-rich pigment found in blackcurrant that was brought forward into the design of the distinctive packaging.

The rich natural colouring provided a beautiful, striking backdrop to the website sliders and social media graphics that really makes the product stand out while aligning perfectly with the brand and other related health products.

New Zealand grown varieties of blackcurrants contain 1.5 times more anthocyanins than non-NZ grown varieties due to the pristine and unpolluted natural surroundings.

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