Crispin Creative Design was started by Sarah Crispin-Naish in 2011. After 8 years of working in the print and sign design space, it was time for a change. Originally just a small team of two run out of Sarah's spare room, the team now extends nationwide, with a Mid Canterbury based HQ.

Welcome to the Virtual Creative Collective
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Sarah Crispin-Naish

Ringleader of Crisp Apple, Crispin Design and Supersonic Sites.

Innovative, edgy and bubbly, Sarah possesses the particular expertise to strategically transform uninspired chaos into meticulously balanced designs that slay.

A fastidious planner, she is on top of all the many projects on the go at any given time, cool as a cucumber under pressure, she juggles the team and their tasks without breaking a sweat. Her work-smart outlook and innovative ingenuity are reflected not only in her loyal client base but also in her long-standing team. A bunch of uber-creative bright sparks many of which have been with her from the beginning.

Cat Mother to Puski and human mother to tractor-loving toddler Charlie. To keep her body and focus in tip-top shape, she is powered by large amounts of caffeine and 5.30am CrossFit classes.

Why Us?

We have a well-earned reputation as competent, professional and top-notch designers with access to a team of highly skilled developers and an in-house copywriter.

Our diverse skill set spans across digital design, responsive development, branding, signage planning and design, photography, print design and more.

And because our creative skills extend beyond the limitations of design, our clients reap the benefits of an efficient, experienced and knowledgeable team that can help you see where your vision fits into the bigger picture.

Simply put. We'll save you time and money while helping you achieve your goals.

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We are fully remote

We are fully remote. This means we are not dependent on a single location and don’t need to be plugged into a traditional office set-up to deliver the first-class design services our clients have come to rely on.

New Zealand Wide

No matter where you are in the country, our multi-talented team is connected through our nationwide network. So whatever your project needs - big or small - we have got you covered.
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Work with us

If you are a 'stan that has a plan', it sounds like we’ll be a great match, bring the snacks and let’s chat!