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Freeze Ya Bits Off Annual Busking Competition

  • Logo design
  • Secondary logo design for apparel
  • Social media posts + banners
  • Poster design
  • Advert design
  • Flag design

The Freeze Ya Bits Off Busking Competition is an annual event hosted by the Gore District Council. Every year at King’s Birthday weekend, over three days buskers rug up warm and take to the streets of Gore to showcase their talents.

The event kicks off on Friday with local schools taking to the street to showcase all their hard work and singing talent. Saturday and Sunday see local and national performers bring their best for the crowds, with such passion and vibrancy that you can’t help but get swept away by the electric atmosphere.

The brief

Our team gave the logo a refresh and created all of the fantastic design collateral for the event including the printed design, re-usable promotional signage and logo for apparel.

Quite literally Freeze Ya Bits Off is the coolest busking competition in New Zealand. Our team created a secondary logo and messging design for t-shirts, cosy hats and head-warmers – all aimed to keep the contestants and audience warm with branded keepsakes.

Everything comes to a head at the grand finale on Sunday, where the top finalists go head to head for major cash prizes. It is free to attend the final as an audience member, everyone is welcome to support their favourite artists (and thaw your bits out) at the cosy and warm St James Theatre.

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