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Marketing Collateral


8 page brochure design complete with proposed villa visuals.

Printed locally with our favourite printers Dpi & EmbroidMe Ashburton
Brochure copywriting by the talented Tracy from House of Jam

“Urban Independence for Over 60’s. – Join us in the development of 16 Mona Square into affordable, modern rental units for older persons.
Become part of an exclusive opportunity to support our older community.


In 2022 Haven Housing sought funding support from a range of community organisations, agencies, and individuals who wish to work with them to ensure that older persons with modest or limited means will have access to quality, affordable rental housing through the development of 16 Mona Square, Ashburton.

The purpose of the brochure was to secure high level funding to commence the project build.

Sarah from Crispin Design and Tracy from House of Jam worked with Ashburton Housing & Support Trust Chairperson Jackie Girvan on the project.

The result was a beautifully preseneted, visually appealling, professional brochure that was handed out to interested persons.

The funding round was a huge succes, with all of the funding aquired, the renovation process was able to roll out quickly.

In September 2023, residents of the new 17-unit complex moved into their new homes.

The colourful new $2.4 million Haven Housing complex at Mona Square offers one bedroomed units for $200-per-week. The units were snapped up quickly and there is already a waiting list.

‘‘Everyone needs a place to call home that is dry, warm, affordable and secure,‘‘When I look at this complex for older folk, I see how much our community has been involved and that this is a community asset that belongs to Ashburton.’’

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