Crispin Design is a locally run design studio based in Ashburton.

Armed with a vast skill range, our creative team has expertise spanning from graphic design and marketing to photography and print design. Along with signwriting fit outs, social media and web design, our designers pride themselves on delivering on-point creative solutions fused with the ever important, functional user experience.

Professionalism and top notch design skills, means you get extra value, more efficiency and creative graphic design work that is engaging on all levels.

Location is no limitation, we work with clients in a wide range of industries from our base location in Ashburton, throughout Canterbury and across New Zealand.

Who's Crispin Design?

Crispin Design Limited officially launched our design and advertising services to the Ashburton market back in 2011. Founded by Sarah Crispin a qualified and experienced designer. Our perfect day in the studio = creating and crafting beautiful and effective design projects for our awesome client base. Sarah currently leads a team of talented and like minded creatives who share the same vision.

A new position at a Christchurch signwriting firm was offered, managing a wide format digital printer, producing nationwide print campaigns and signwriting applications...And so it began, the first taste of fast paced work - a nice little practice to the future deadline driven positions that were to come...

While having a break to finish off more studies, Sarah landing a job at a prestigious Southland newspaper, solely producing advertisements and tabloid features (with a part time photo journalism contract on the side). The newspaper advertising industry was the ultimate test of her ability to work well under pressure. Throw in a little fashion styling course and you could say the rest is history - Crispin Design Limited was formed in April 2011.

The journey begins...

Always a 'creative' at heart, Sarah's professional journey officially began with completing a Graphic Design diploma back in 2003. Starting out in the creative industry as a trainee signwriter, Sarah then ventured back to Christchurch trying her hand at screen making and screen printing, while studying a part time Marketing and Business diploma.

Onwards and upwards.

A break in the design industry came along and Sarah moved to Southland to work at print firm as an in-house graphic designer and digital printer, until another opportunity arose while doing (yet another) part-time course, this time in website development.....

Experienced, you bet!

With Sarah's 15 year background in the graphics industry including; graphic and website design, screen print preparation, signwriting, digital printing, newspaper advertising and small business marketing – Sarah and the Crispin Design team have the knowledge and professional contacts to look after all your business branding, advertising and print requirements.

Meet the Team


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